China, Japan, South Korea Trade Pact

The article focuses primarily on the fact that Asian economies have been looking to increase trade among themselves as demand from key markets like US and Europe has fallen as countries on both side of the Atlantic try to recover from the financial crisis.“ The three Asian countries are using the clearly pragmatic and realist approach to the situation. While the pact will help every country, each country and its leaders are clearly stating that they need to protect their country and boost their own countries economy. This idea that the state is the sovereign body, that they can, and will, use all the resources that they can attain to improve it is clearly realist.However, I argue that any given event can have elements of all categories. For example, Japan NEEDS the economic help due to the disaster that has torn its country apart, and thus, the other countries help can be seen as other liberalism bodies reaching out to help, and getting back an equal amount of success. In terms of a constructivist view, almost ever person morally feels the need to help the people of Japan, and thus, this can be seen as a move for the sake of an overwhelming majorities morality. However, I feel that the true underpinnings and arguments set forth by the countries in this article are self-seeking, and have a realist feel to them. Because of this, I feel that it will be hard on the countries and cause inevitable bitterness when one country benefits more from this pact than others, which defeats the purpose that the overwhelming majority are convinced into believing.

Well, I have to admit, I know more about the USAs commitments throughout history, than I know about current events. This is probably due to taking history classes instead of current events classes. I know the basics that I find online, the news, the radio, and occasionally The Times or the New York Times. From what I do know, I feel as though the US is far too concerned with the affairs of other nations, to an extent to which, we over involve ourselves, stretch ourselves too thin, and therefore weaken the state of our own country and power. I am not generally too hard to interest, from foreign policies, to environmental issues, I can usually find an area of interest. My interests lie under the general umbrella of international relations, law, and possibly politics, but I hope to come out of this class with a bigger view, and thus a smaller scope to see myself further studying and working in. I hope that this class will bring out my true likes and dislikes in these fields, although oftentimes when subjects are well-studied by me, I find myself more interested in MORE areas.