April 11, 2010
This article deals with the outsourcing of editing of a Californian newspaper to India. The Orange County Register is sending its paper over to India in order for it to be edited and sent right back. The company is “exploring many ways to work efficiently while maintaining quality and improving local coverage." I think that it is amazing that the world has becomes so small and that a newspaper can send something, that goes out daily, overseas and have it corrected in time to be distributed the next day. But this globalization, whether to further efficiency or to find a cheaper way to do something, is hurting economies around the world. Domestically it takes jobs away from Americans and causes economic situations like the one that we are currently in. At the same time it provides jobs overseas but without the same regulations and quality as they would be in America. So while I believe that globalization is uniting the world and its communication it also has negative consequences like outsourcing.

March 28, 2010
This article discusses the recent decision by Israel to construct building on disputed land. At a meeting with Vice President Biden, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, informed the U.S. of a plan to develop land that Israel took from Palestine back in 1967 when Israel was attacked. The United States was in the middle of peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine and they believe that this decision could jeopardize current negotiations between the two parties.
I think that this is an example of the realist and liberal theories at play at the same time. It is realist because the U.S. is looking to stabilize the Middle East and in order to protect our own interests in oil there. It is liberal because we are looking to stabilize an area by policing it and making sure that they to the right things in order to cooperate with each other and to better their lives.
I agree with the current policies that we are taking with the Israeli conflict. I think that we were making the right moves in order to better stabilize the Middle East for not only our benefit but also the benefit of those who live there. I can only hope that this decision by Israel doesn’t endanger the path towards a peaceful Middle East.

January 30, 2010
This article deals with the gang violence seen in Jamaica. There was a shooting in the capital between police and gang members. This article talks about the crumbling of the tourism-based Jamaican economy due to this gang violence. It says that gangs had been used by politician in the past in order to gain political support but now the much more lucrative drug trafficking has many gangs becoming more and more violent.
Decolonization can be considered a remote systemic cause because when the British left Jamaica, it was like handing the keys of a car to a ten year old and telling them to drive. They’re not going to be able to handle it the first time around. Sure they’ll get the hang of it sooner or later but it takes time. After the British left Jamaica went into an economic depression. They quickly found out that freedom did not equal prosperity. They corrupted their government with gangs and no they are dealing with the consequences. They rely too much on tourism and now that tourism is declining due to the gang violence, that they introduced, they are now in a crisis. Since they have only been an independent nation for half a century it is expected that they will learn from their mistakes and that in time, like most countries that have become prosperous, they will be able to successfully govern themselves into wealth.

January 10, 2010
This article addresses the controversy over whether or not the United States should profile more in order to increase our national security. The Obama administration has recently to increase airport security in 14 nations in a response to the attempted Christmas day bombing. Many religious groups and other organizations have criticized this action as being nothing more than racial profiling. Most of these 14 nations are Muslim, and organizations against this policy are outraged saying that the use of “national origin or religion as proxies for suspicion is nothing less than racial profiling." Those who support it say that profiling based on geographic origin or where the flight takes off then they are all for it based on the fact that most terrorist attacks come out of the same general areas. While these people believe that profiling based on geography is completely different than profiling based on racial origin.
This article deals with the schematic reasoning that we discussed in class. It debates whether or not people should be profiled based on where they are flying from.

I believe that profiling is the first step in stopping terrorist attacks on United States soil. I think that there are certain signs that can be displayed that show warrant extra attention from security in airports. I completely agree with those that want to profile based on where the flight takes off. I fell like there are certain nations that tend to breed terrorism What reasoning are YOU using here? and to prevent attacks we need to profile to a certain degree. While not all these people are terrorists it won’t hurt to make sure that they aren’t. A quick pat-down won’t take that long and isn’t that much of an inconvenience to be outraged at. I wouldn’t mind if everyone was subjected to a pat-down, but at the very least people displaying certain behavior or that are travelling out of certain nations need to be subjected to more thorough tests. What about the way someone looks - is that a valid reason to search someone?