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Mr. Lassey - Jeppesen 211
Extra Help available: C, E, & G Periods

Homework Assignments:

For Monday:
  • Take some time to update your final essay/journal. Respond to our discussion of constructivism and the role of NGOs in global affairs.
  • Begin to investigate the Syrian crisis. Use the Frontline link from Thursday's class. Be prepared to discuss your findings on Monday.

For Wednesday: Complete your country profile, as it pertains to 2013.

For Thursday: Write a 1-2 page position paper from the perspective of your country responding to the following question:

Should the international community support the Sryian rebels or the Assad regime? If so, how?

For Friday: Finalize your reflective essay/journal. Take a look at the requirements on the portfolio assignment, and make sure you have met the requirements and can hand in your cohesive response to the content in this course.

What's Up This Week

Global Governance

Theory & Practice
Prep time
Syria and the Future of the Middle East
The Global Future